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Satisfied With Nothin'
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Paperback: 320 pages
Fifteen years after court imposed desegregation, Jamie Ray Griffin is among the first students at his Louisiana high school to integrate. Berated by many of his white classmates, Jamie channels his anger into football and lands a starring role. The brutal assault and lynching of his cousin prompts him to enroll in a black college in pursuit of a career in football. When an injury sidelines him for good and his grades slip beyond resurrection, Jamie returns to a low-paying job in his hometown and begins to confront the truth about himself. 
A Life For A Life
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Paperback: 240 pages
D'Ray is 15 when a local drug dealer threatens to kill his younger brother unless he comes up with $100 within an hour. Panicked and desperate, D'Ray decides to hold up a convenience store. In the process, he kills another person, the teenage clerk who tries to foil the holdup. D'Ray escapes and makes a living as a pimp before he's caught and sentenced to six years in jail. In jail he finds God and Mr. Henry, the father of the dead teenage clerk.  Mr. Henry insists that D'Ray become a credit to his race and also be the replacement for his dead son, the one D'Ray killed.  
Cry Me A River
Publisher: Kensington
Paperback: 288 pages
An absentee father from a "no good" family, Tyrone Stokes was imprisoned for shooting a man. His wife, Pauline, saw it as a chance to end their marriage and raise their son on her own.  Tyrone returns to Brownsville, Louisiana, to discover that his son is in deep trouble.  Marcus had been convicted raping and murdering a young white girl, and now sits on death row.  Tyrone is instinctively convinced that Marcus is innocent - but he is haunted by of all the ways in which he has failed his son. There's a stack of evidence against Marcus.  But, Tyrone sets out on a mission to save his life.
It's All About the Moon When the Sun Ain't Shining
Publisher: Kensington
Paperback: 256 pages
It's a year of firsts for Maurice Dupree. He's the first person in his family to go to college, and now he's well on his way to becoming the first African American attorney in his hometown of Brownsville, Louisiana or its parish. His dreams seemed to be coming true - except for one. If only the woman he hoped to marry, were as happy for him as everyone else was. But, Omenita  can't wait three more minutes, much less three more years for Maurice to go to law school.  Maurice begins to find comfort in the sophisticasted daughter of his mother's influential employer.  Maurice's mother is their housekeeper and is trusted like a member of the family. 
A Person of Interest
Publisher: Dafina
Paperback: 304 pages
Felicia Fontenot has returned home to care for her ailing mother. She had known that her first love, Luther Jackson, and his wife, Juanita, the woman for whom he'd left her, live just across the street.  Felicia is awakened one morning to the sound of sirens and the smell of smoke. She's shocked to find that Luther's house has burned and is now cordoned off by police tape. Luther's aunt begs Felicia for help because Luther’s pregnant wife and his young son have been killed and Luther is the prime suspect. A feeling of unfulfilled love seemed to push Felicia into a forbidden world.

Family Ties
Publisher: Dafina
Paperback: 304 pages
In the acclaimed A Life for a Life, Ernest Hill created an unforgettably candid story of violence, love, and redemption with teenaged D'Ray Reid at its center. Now, with his jail time behind him, D'Ray has returned home to find that the real fight for survival is only beginning. Everyone was shocked when Mr. Henry took D'Ray Reid under his wing. After all, Mr. Henry's real son, Stanley, was murdered by D'Ray - a crime D'Ray committed to save his own brother, Little Man.  After Mr. Henry's death, D'Ray seeks out his own mother, Mira. Putting things right will mean uncovering a legacy of lies and hidden agendas. 
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